Beef for Backpacks | Pork for Packs

The Beef for Backpacks and Pork for Packs programs use donated cattle and hogs to produce nutritious beef and pork sticks for the Regional Food Bank's Food for Kids Programs. Last year alone, 1,055,437 were produced and donated to fight childhood hunger.

Beef for Backpacks and Pork for Packs are a collaboration among the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Beef Council, Oklahoma State University Food and Agricultural Products Center, Ralph's Meat Company in Perkins, Chickasha Meats, Oklahoma FFA, and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Nearly 50 head of cattle and hogs are needed each year to provide enough beef and pork sticks for all of the students in the Food for Kids Programs.

To help sustain Beef for Backpacks and Pork for Packs, program participants are asking beef and swine producers to consider a commitment of at least one animal per year. The program accepts cattle, hogs and monetary donations, and all processing and delivery costs are covered by the Regional Food Bank and the Oklahoma Farming and Ranching Foundation. Working together, we can help provide hungry children in Oklahoma with an important protein source.

Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable donation to a 501(C)3 corporation, pursuant to IRS guidelines. Livestock donation receipt amounts will be based on USDA daily market price.

A Livestock Owner/Donor Certificate must be completed to receive donation receipt. For more information on how to donate, contact Thad Doye by phone at 405-523-2307 or by email at