Dolese Bros Co. Encourages Volunteers to Fight Hunger Faster at Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

(OKLAHOMA CITY) – Feb. 10, 2020 –Dolese Bros Co. remains committed to fight hunger faster by again matching donations made in the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma’s Volunteer Center. 

Every dollar donated to the Dolese Delivers Campaign in the Volunteer Center will be matched, up to $30,000, during 2020. This is the fourth consecutive year Dolese has offered the dollar-for-dollar match. In 2019, the match raised $67,336 which enables the Regional Food Bank to provide 269,344 meals for Oklahomans living with hunger. 

“Dolese and our employees believe in supporting the communities we serve, and that includes helping those in need of food assistance,” said Kermit Frank, Dolese’s director of communications and community relations. "No child or adult should ever have to worry about not having food. The match is a great opportunity for others to join with us in the fight against hunger in Oklahoma.”

Donations can be made to the match campaign at the Regional Food Bank’s Volunteer Center, 3355 S. Purdue, or at Every $1 donated through the match campaign will help provide eight meals to Oklahomans living with food insecurity. Oklahomans like Bethany, who shops each month at Urban Mission Food & Resource Center in Oklahoma City. She lives with her boyfriend and after paying their bills, the two can’t afford to purchase food. 

"It really helps. People go through things in life. You never know what's going to happen,” Bethany said. “It's helping feed us. Without it, we would go hungry for sure."

Donations like those made through the Dolese Delivers helps the Regional Food Bank to distribute nearly one million pounds of food a week to partner agencies in central and western Oklahoma. 

“The Fight Hunger Faster match is such a great way for our volunteers to double their impact against hunger in Oklahoma,” said Kendra Loper, chief community engagement officer at the Regional Food Bank. “By both volunteering and donating, volunteers will help provide the Regional Food Bank with the resources to provide meals to our neighbors living with hunger.” 

The Regional Food Bank currently has more than 1,400 individual volunteer slots open for the month of February. Volunteers help pack food sacks for the Backpack Program in the Volunteer Center, package meals in Hope's Kitchen, process food donations in the Protein Packaging Center or stock shelves at the Moore Food & Resource Center. Learn more by visiting