May Newsletter 2020

Thank You for Fighting Hunger in These Difficult Times

This is the time of year we normally talk to you about summer hunger and the extra hardship kids and families face when school meals aren’t available.

But this year isn’t a typical year, as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools and businesses weeks ago and caused so much hardship for families in our community. This issue includes a special update on how you’re helping during this crisis as well as stories of families you’ve been helping all along.

Take a moment to read this issue of The Link. Then please consider giving a generous gift today to help even more families and children this summer. Every $1 you give will help provide 4 nutritious meals. Thank you!

Cassie Gilman
Chief Development Officer


May Stories

Meals on Wheels

Acts of kindness in times of crisis

As the pandemic continues to cause an unprecedented need for emergency food in our community, your support is filling emergency food boxes that are being distributed by our partners across the state, like Ending Hunger OKC’s Meals on Wheels program.


Smith Family

Urgent Relief for a Family in Need

After moving to the area from across the country, the Smith family didn’t have a car and was staying in a motel with their 14-month-old daughter, Jericho. They had very little money and had run out of food and diapers for their daughter.

They were so desperate that they were using makeshift “diapers” out of sanitary napkins and paper towels. Their situation was dire. They knew they needed help — and fast.



Nutritious Food Is a Priority for Families

Although Maria’s husband works hard, it’s still difficult for their family to make ends meet on his income.

“My husband, he’s doing his best trying to work, trying to make things meet,” Maria explains. “I’m diabetic, and my medicine costs a lot, so a lot of our money goes to that, and then rent and our car.”


Sara and Jason

When Times Get Tough, Families Count On You

A broken refrigerator was all it took for Sara and Jason to go under. They had just spent all their money on groceries when their refrigerator broke and they lost all their food. With no money left, they weren’t sure what they were going to do.



Helping Families Get Through the Summer

Fontain and her husband work hard to raise their children and provide for them. But despite their efforts, the family still has a difficult time covering all of their expenses. Her husband works as a truck driver, but his income doesn’t always stretch far enough.