Your Generosity Is a Godsend for Hungry Children This Summer

Dear Neighbor,

For most children, summertime is a dream come true. No school … no homework … no early mornings. But there are some children who view summer vacation differently. For them, no school means no school lunches … no food to fill their stomachs.

The thought of children and families trying to scrape food together to make it through the summer months is heartbreaking. But I want you to know that your generosity is helping to support a number of dynamic programs to ensure children across central and western Oklahoma get the nutritious food they need this summer.

Please take a moment to read the newest edition of The Link to learn more about the programs you’re supporting to help children fighting hunger.

Then, if you’re able, I hope you’ll continue your support with a special gift today. Every $1 you give helps provide 4 meals for children in need of food. Any amount you share will go a long way to help end child hunger. Thank you!

Katie Fitzgerald, MSW

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Words of Gratitude From Children You’re Helping

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Children Are Receiving the Food They Need to Survive … and Thrive

The food you provide hungry children is about much more than just survival. Through your support, you’re ensuring children receive nourishment that is critical to their overall development during their childhood years.