“You Have No Idea How Many People You’re Helping”

Ron Richmond had a successful career in sales. But when he and his wife separated, Ron gave up all that to provide full-time care for his daughter Tyresha, who has special needs. It was a heroic decision, and it hasn’t been easy.

“First you have to pay rent, water, gas, and electric,” he explains. “Then you have car payments. Insurance. If you have anything left after that, that’s what you eat with.” Much of the time, that just isn’t very much. In the spring, Ron plants a garden so he and Ty can have some extra vegetables. But that still doesn’t go very far.

“One time,” Ron remembers, “we were driving down the road and saw this place. We were out of food that week. It wasn’t a matter of being short, we were just slap out of food.” Fortunately for them, “this place” was Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma’s Moore Food & Resource Center. Walking in the door changed everything for Ron and Ty.

“We come here about once a month,” Ron says. “If this wasn’t here, I’d probably be standing on a corner asking people for help. Even a little bit helps. A little bit adds up to a whole lot.”

Today, Ron is eager to tell other people about the help you’ve given him through your support of the Regional Food Bank. And when he can, he comes in and volunteers for a few hours.

“I’ve seen people come in here and start crying because they’re so happy to have something to eat,” he says. “Some people are already opening up the boxes as they walk out the door, because they may not have eaten for a couple of days. This place gets them through.”

“Thank you for what you do,” Ron says to donors like you who support the Regional Food Bank. “You have no idea how many people you’re helping!” Keep up the good work!