Thieves Stole Everything They Had. You’re Helping Them Rebuild.

Last fall, Yolanda Rogers was robbed. They took everything — her clothes, her ID, even her 8-year-old son’s shoes. “I didn’t know what to do,” she remembers. “My sister said, ‘Let’s get you over to BritVil.’” 

The BritVil Community Food Pantry in northern Oklahoma City is a partner agency of the Regional Food Bank. That means in addition to other aid that Yolanda receives, you’re giving her and her son a helping hand by making sure they have a reliable source of healthy food.

And that’s not the only way you’re helping. Through his elementary school, Yolanda’s son is enrolled in the Regional Food Bank’s Backpack Program. Every Friday, he receives a pack of nutritious, kid-friendly food to make sure he’s eating right over the weekend.

“This place is a blessing,” Yolanda says. “It means my son can eat at night. Without it, he would be without right now.

“Giving to the Regional Food Bank is giving to the right people,” she adds. “I’ve seen people say they’re going to help, and then do nothing. But not here. When you knock on the door here, they won’t turn you down.”

We agree: Your support of the Regional Food Bank shows how much you care about people in need here in our community. Please give to the Summer Lunchbox Campaign, so we can provide meals for kids like Yolanda’s son who won’t be receiving school lunches during the summer. Thank you for being there to help when families like Yolanda’s knock on our door!