When You Plan for the Future, Everyone Benefits

“We’re not billionaires, that’s for sure,” Melissa Condley says with a laugh. “And we plan to be around for a long time still.” But Melissa and her husband Kelsey have created a living trust, and named Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma as one of the beneficiaries. “We want to keep giving back in the future,” Melissa explains, “and to do it in a way that’s sustainable when we’re not around.”

The Condleys began supporting the Regional Food Bank around the time of their wedding in 2010. Kelsey, then an educator at Norman High School, came home one day and mentioned that teachers were creating an in-school food pantry to help kids who didn’t have enough to eat at home. “It broke my heart,” Melissa remembers. They contacted the Regional Food Bank for tips on how to help and support the pantry. “We started then, and just stuck with it.”

Now Melissa and Kelsey are thinking about how to set a positive example for their kids, ages 5 and 3.

“I’d like them to have a philanthropic viewpoint,” Kelsey says. “To think about others, and to know their parents were thinking about others, too. Creating the living trust is a way to leave a legacy, both to the community and to our family.”

Thank you, Melissa and Kelsey, for being leaders, volunteers, role models, and generous friends. We appreciate it!

Creating a trust or other planned-giving option is easy, and like Melissa says, you don’t need to be rich to do it! Click here for information on adding the Regional Food Bank to your will or trust, contact Cassie Gilman at cgilman@rfbo.org or (405) 600-3155. Thank you!