Vet Gets a Helping Hand and a Second Chance … Thanks to You


At the height of the Vietnam War, Roy Spitzer joined the Navy. He also got married. “I was real young,” he admits now. “But honestly, I didn’t think I was going to come back.” But after six years in the service, Roy did make it home. 


He and his wife had six children together, but Roy says it was never a good marriage. And when their young son died of cystic fibrosis, the marriage collapsed completely. Soon afterward, he lost his job. Before he knew it, Roy found himself out of options and living on the streets.

“It’s hard to find a good job,” he says. “They want young guys, and I’m 63. I tried to get a military pension, but they said my health is too good. I stand on corners with a sign, sometimes. I never begged, never stole. That’s not my background. But it’s tough out there.”

With help from the VA, Roy recently moved into a place of his own. And thanks to your support of the Regional Food Bank, Roy can come to the BritVil Community Food Pantry to get the food he needs, instead of scrounging or dumpster diving.

“Thank God for the Regional Food Bank and the people who provide this,” Roy says. “It’s a great help to people who really need it. If there was some way to explain to them everything they’ve done to help us, and how much we appreciate it, I’d do it.”

That’s you Roy is thanking! And we’re thankful to him for his service and kind words.

We thank you as well for your generous support of the Regional Food Bank. Every day, you’re making a life-changing difference all over central and western Oklahoma. Please take advantage of the Senior Match Campaign to have your gift to help seniors like Roy doubled, dollar for dollar!