Holiday Newsletter 2019

Stanley with Food

“It’s a Huge Help”

The first time Stanley received help from the Regional Food Bank, he had just been laid off and his wife was furloughed by the government. They had four young children at home and no way to feed them.

His children are all grown now and out on their own, and since then, Stanley has been both a volunteer and donor to the Regional Food Bank. But unfortunately, Stanley and his wife have had to turn to the Regional Food Bank for help once again.

Stanley is recently out of work and his wife’s income isn’t enough to make ends meet.

“We use the Regional Food Bank to lessen the blow of our grocery bill. So instead of spending $300, you might only need to spend $50 just to fill the gaps,” he says. “It’s a huge help.”

He says he can’t imagine where the community would be without the support of the Regional Food Bank.

“It’s very helpful,” he says. “I see a lot of young mothers in here, and it warms my heart to know it’s around here to help them.”

Your support makes everything we do possible for Stanley and so many other Oklahoma families in need of food. Please consider giving a gift today to be doubled in impact to help even more families.


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