Holiday Newsletter 2019

Yeimy and Son

Your Gift Doubles to Help Families This Holiday

The holidays are supposed to be a magical time of year. A time for food, family and being thankful. But for families, seniors and others who are having a difficult time getting by, it can also be a big source of added stress.

That’s why your Holiday Match Campaign gift today matters so much!

For a limited time, a generous $600,000 Holiday Matching Gift will double your gift, providing twice as many meals to families. Every $1 helps provide enough food for 8 meals — enough to help provide meals for two families — families like Yeimy’s.

Yeimy stays home with her two young children while her husband works in construction. Despite his hard work, there isn’t quite enough money to pay for everything the young family needs and still have enough for food.

Yeimy says there are times when they’ve had to skip meals or go without to stretch, but the food they get from the Regional Food Bank helps them get by.

Like so many other families you help, Yeimy couldn’t be more grateful. “I am so thankful for people who have a heart for giving.”

You can help more families like Yeimy’s with a Holiday Match Campaign gift today. Thank you for taking care of our neighbors through your support of the Regional Food Bank.


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