Holiday Newsletter 2019

Christi and Daughter with Food

You Make the Holidays Brighter

Christi has always been good at stretching what she has and not letting anything go to waste. But with three children, two of whom have special needs, and being disabled herself, too often their budget is just stretched too thin.

“Most everything we get goes into medical bills and keeping the house running,” says Christi.

That’s why Christi is so grateful for the food she receives through the Regional Food Bank — especially during the holiday season.

“You really get a lot of food here, so it lasts longer. My two boys are disabled so that’s extra money that can go to their medicine,” she says.

Christi says she puts everything she gets to good use and that it’s all great quality.

Your support today will go a long way to help families like Christi’s during the holiday season and all year long. Thank you for all you do for your neighbors in need of food.


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