Ann Anderson isn’t exaggerating when she says, “We’ve been through a lot these last few years,” but her family is rebuilding with your help. About Regional Food Bank, Ann says, “I love this place.”

She, her husband, and their six kids moved here from California not long ago. “My husband works full time, and I clean houses on the side, but it’s never enough,” she says.

But things got unimaginably tougher when their young daughter was diagnosed with cancer and eventually died of the disease.

It was a crushing loss — particularly now, as the holidays approach — but Ann and her husband have to think of their other children.

“It’s a real struggle,” Ann admits. “You don’t want your children to realize the stress you’re going through trying to provide for them. They’re kids, and shouldn’t ever have to know that kind of struggle.”

At Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, your kindness is giving Ann the help and support she and her family need. “People here are very caring,” she says. “They don’t just hand you a box and say, ‘Here you go.’ This is a very loving environment. That’s what I love about this place. It helps me go forward.

“I just want to thank everyone who gives to make this possible,” Ann says, and it’s YOU she’s talking about! “Every gift, big or small, is part of a huge movement to come together and help people who are struggling. Thank you so much!” 

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