When Failure is Not an Option, You Make Sure Regional Food Bank is Here to Help

As a proud military veteran, one of the hardest things for Keisha Corley to do, she says, is ask for help. “You’re trained to carry out your assignment,” she explains. “Just do what you need to do. Asking for help is a big, big struggle for me.” 

But as a single mom trying to raise two teenagers on food stamps, Keisha knew she couldn’t put off asking for help any longer.

“Kids have more school breaks during the winter,” she says. “They’re home more, and aren’t getting the free meals at school. SNAP benefits just aren’t enough to get you through a whole month. You try to take it day by day, but you worry. You can still fall into depression. You lie in bed wondering if your kids are going to have anything to eat the next day.

“It’s not an option to fail when you have kids,” Keisha says. “It’s just not.”

Thanks to your generosity and concern, Keisha and her boys have found the help they needed!

“Regional Food Bank is a lifeline,” she says. “Without it, I’d worry about the kids getting sick or malnourished. It was awesome coming here and finding people willing to help. Here, you get the staples you need. Even though you don’t have the means to survive, you’re able to survive because of Regional Food Bank.

“Hunger is real, but help is out there. You just have to ask.”

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