Mckenzie Mattair will never forget December 9, 2017. “I was working, and my dad called. When he told me our house had burned down, I just broke down in tears. I was in shock.”

Nobody in her family was hurt, but the house was gone. Prized belongings, Christmas presents, and worst of all, beloved family pets … all lost. 

But as the Mattair family started to put their lives back together, you were there for them. Through your support of the Regional Food Bank, Midwest City High School (where McKenzie and her brothers were students) participates in our School Pantry Program — one of our Food for Kids programs.

“To be honest, I didn’t realize the school had a pantry,” Mckenzie’s dad Frank says. “But they were one of the very first to reach out and say, ‘If you need anything, we can help you.’ They gave us enough to feed a family of five, and it meant that we didn’t have to worry about what to eat when we were trying to figure out where we were going to live.”

Mckenzie agrees: “We had a pretty small Christmas, but it was bigger than I expected us to have, because we were able to have food. I don’t know what we would have done if they weren’t here to help us.”

Today, the Mattair family is in a new house. Mckenzie graduated last spring, and is pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse. They're still working through their grief together.

“I’m really grateful for the people who helped us,” Mckenzie says.

Frank agrees, and he has an invitation for you. “Come down to someplace the Regional Food Bank supports, and hear the thank-yous from the people there. That’s what I’d say: Thank you, not just from my family, but from all the families you’re helping.”

We say “Thank you,” too. Every day, you’re making a life-changing difference for families all over central and western Oklahoma. Please give to our Food for Kids Match Campaign to have your gift to help children and families DOUBLED to provide twice as many meals!

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