The last thing you want to do is go to bed at night thinking if your kids are going to have a meal the next day, if they're going to be hungry. Without places like this, you wouldn't just have to worry about lights or electricity being cut off, you'd have to worry about kids starving because there's not enough resources without places like food banks.

My doctor referred me to the program; I wanted to get healthier and lose weight. My sisters weren’t asked to do the program, so I had my doctor referrer them as well. One is diabetic and the other one is pre-diabetic. We are thankful for this program.

I am happy I have this resource to help feed my family. It’s almost like a grocery store, and the staff is very welcoming. They know me by name.

I am a single mother, a teacher’s assistant, and my child is seven. He has a medical condition as well that costs us a lot of money every month, so this really helps offset that cost and stress. I don’t have to worry about snacks and food, I can just focus on him and my energy can go somewhere else. He is just really excited every week and looks forward to what’s in his backpack. It helps his behavior and gives him some motivation and some incentive throughout the week and something over the weekend to help him.