The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is grateful to be able to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign, Heart of the City Campaign and State Charitable Campaign.  Your donation is critical to the fight against hunger in Oklahoma, where one in four children struggle with hunger and more than 656,000 of our neighbors are at risk of going hungry every day. 

With administrative and fundraising costs at 4 percent, every dollar donated makes a difference. 

You might wonder what the impact your gift will have via payroll deductions. Here are just a few examples based on a bi-weekly payroll schedule:

  • Your $2 gift per pay period will provide 260 meals for hungry families struggling to keep food on the table. The average family size receiving help from a food bank is three with at least one adult working. The majority of people served by the Regional Food Bank are the working poor living paycheck to paycheck, senior citizens living on a fixed income and children living in poverty.
  • For $8 per pay period, you are supporting a young child through the Food for Kids Backpack Program, ensuring children have access to food over the weekends when school meals are not available.
  • For $10 a pay period, your gifts will provide more than 20 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for 29 families struggling with hunger through the Regional Food Bank’s Fresh Food Mobile Markets.
  • A $20 per pay period gift would ensure that 58 children will have lunch available to during the summer while school meals are not available to them. Long summer days won’t turn into long hungry nights, thanks to you!
  • For $30 per pay period, you will provide a meal a day for an entire week for more than 550 senior citizens who struggle with hunger. For thousands of seniors, that one meal does more than just fill their stomach; it feeds their soul, gives them hope and lets them know they have not been forgotten.

To support the Regional Food Bank through payroll deduction or one-time-gift, please use the designation numbers below:

  • Combined Federal Campaign – 67922

  • Heart of the City Campaign – 9220

  • State Charitable Campaign – 9220

Another way to support the Regional Food Bank is to ask your Loaned Executive or campaign Keyworker to schedule a tour of the Regional Food Bank for your team, invite a guest speaker to make a short presentation at work, or schedule a volunteer event for your group.

Thank you for your continued support and partnering with us in “Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope.” For more information, contact Jennifer Eckert at