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UPDATE 7/25/17

The House Budget Committee passed a budget resolution along party lines which envisions $4.4 trillion in cuts to mandatory spending over the next decade, including at least $203 billion in cuts to mandatory programs – many of which are critical to low-income individuals. Specifically, the resolution instructed the Agriculture Committee to cut at least $10 billion over ten years. Reports are the cuts will be directed to SNAP, with an additional $150 billion in suggested cuts from dramatic downsizing and restructuring of the program – which will greatly harm the people we serve. Learn more.

Cuts to SNAP and other important programs in this budget will make it harder for people to maintain the nutrition needed to keep their families strong. SNAP is a critical tool for working families, helping almost 875,000 Oklahomans put nutritious food on the table when they may otherwise be unable to.

We strongly urge Oklahoma’s Members of Congress to reject the budget resolution when it comes up for a vote on the House floor. Join the Oklahoma Food Banks in calling for a budget that strengthens communities and ensures sufficient resources to address hunger. Call now. 


The US House Budget Committee is holding a markup tomorrow morning, July 19, 2017, on a proposed budget resolution.  You can watch the live stream here

We need your help calling Congressman Cole’s office TODAY.  Congressman Cole is on the House Budget Committee.

About the proposed budget:

The proposed budget contains more than $200 billion in cuts to entitlements, including at least $10 billion in cuts to the House Agriculture Committee over 10 years- these could possibly come through cuts to SNAP.   Why this matters to us?  In Oklahoma, only 7% of food assistance comes through private charity; the remaining 93% is administered through the federal nutrition programs, and two-thirds of the total food assistance comes through SNAP, which brought more than $884 million into Oklahoma’s grocery stores and food retailers last year.  

Action needed:

Call Congressman Cole’s Washington DC office at 202.225.6165 and urge him to support a strong budget that protects critical federal nutrition programs.

Sample script:

"Hi, I’m NAME and I’m from CITY, STATE. I’m calling to urge Congressman Cole to vote against any budget that requires major cuts to federal nutrition programs including SNAP.

Share a talking point (see below) or share why you care about ending hunger. 

Thank you."

SNAP talking points you can use:

  • Almost 875,000 Oklahomans received SNAP last year.  As Food Banks we make up only about 7% of total food assistance in the state.  93% of all food assistance is from federal programs.   A major cut to SNAP will have a disastrous impact on hunger in our state!
  • Approximately 14% of Oklahoma households receive SNAP.
  • The average SNAP benefit amount per person in Oklahoma is $119 per month, which averages to about $3.97 per day.
  • More than 73% of all Oklahoma SNAP participants are in families with children.
  • More than 30% of all Oklahoma SNAP participants are in families with members who are elderly or have disabilities.

Tips/Don’t Forget:

  • Be sure to tell the staff member you speak with the town you live in, whether they ask or not.
  • If no one answers the phone, leave a voicemail with your full name, contact information, and message.