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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing involves the joint efforts of a for profit business and a non-profit organization, like the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, for mutual benefit.

How to Get Started

Please review our Cause Marketing Guidelines to determine if your campaign is a good fit for your organization and the Regional Food Bank.

Please complete this short questionnaire and a Regional Food Bank representative will get back to you within 2 business days.  View a sample agreement here.

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Approval Process

  • Business submits questionnaire
  • Regional Food Bank reviews questionnaire
  • Regional Food Bank contacts business to confirm details
  • Upon approval, the Regional Food Bank generates agreement
  • Business returns a signed copy of cause marketing agreement
  • Business submits promotional material to Regional Food Bank for copy review and approval
  • Regional Food Bank issues written approval to proceed with campaign elements

Please note:  a signed Cause Marketing Agreement must be on file and you must have written approval to use the Regional Food Bank's name, logo, tagline and/or program logos ("Marks").  You may also not market to Regional Food Bank board members.

Download general information about the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

The Regional Food Bank, while it appreciates all offers of support and the opportunity to participate in a variety of cause-marketing campaigns, has taken the position that it will refrain from any partnerships related to promoting or encouraging the sale of tobacco or tobacco related products and/or alcohol or alcohol related products.

If said company wants to donate proceeds or a portion of proceeds to the Regional Food Bank, we ask that our logo, name or other ‘marks’ not be used.  The company may simply refer to proceeds being donated to a ‘local food bank.’


If you have any questions, contact Angie Gaines at againes@regionalfoodbank.org or call 405-604-7109.

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