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School Pantry Program

The Regional Food Bank started the Food for Kids School Pantry Program in 2010 at Putnam City West High School and Western Heights Middle School. PC West Football Coach Jensen started a food pantry at the school for the football team, who was suffering both in the classroom and on the field from malnutrition. He and other school officials saw that the need was great for all of the students at the school and they approached the Regional Food Bank for assistance.

The School Pantry Program provides chronically hungry middle and high school students with food to sustain them after school and over the weekends. The pantries are located on school grounds.

The School Pantry Program has grown significantly in the last two years, serving 42 schools in 13 counties, providing food for up to 650 students each month. At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, more than 2,874 chronically hungry secondary students attending 94 schools benefitted from the program. Overall, the program distributed 410,328 pounds of food, equaling 341,940 meals. New schools continue to be added each semester. A majority of school pantry coordinators agree that the program is "very effective" at meeting the needs of chronically hungry middle and high school students; students had improved attention, academic performance and attendance.

A $200 donation can provide enough weekend food for one student for an entire school year. A gift of $5,000 will provide enough food for 25 hungry children for an entire school year. Please donate now to the Regional Food Bank.

If you are interested in starting the Food for Kids School Pantry Program at your school or have a question about the program, please email tsimmons@regionalfoodbank.org or call 405-600-3130.

If you are interested in making a donation to the School Pantry program or would like to know more about fundraising for this program please 405-972-1111.

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