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Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

An afterschool and summer program, Kids Cafe provides food, mentoring, tutoring, and a variety of other activities to approximately 1,500 at-risk children at 35 sites in central and western Oklahoma. In Fiscal Year 2013, Kids Cafe sites collectively served 81,553 snacks and 94,687 meals. The first Kids Cafe program sponsored by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma opened in 1994 at the Regional Food Bank's partner agency The Urban Mission. For a complete site list, including location addresses, click here.

Kids Cafe activities include:

  • Preparing snacks and meals
  • Nutrition lessons  about the food pyramid, types of nutrients and how to read food labels
  • Health and hygiene lessons to teach hand washing and dental hygiene
  • Tutoring, mentoring and homework assistance
  • Character development lessons that teach right from wrong, anger management, conflict resolution and manners
  • Outdoor recreation including games, jump roping, relay races and sometimes basketball
  • Arts & Crafts

A recent evaluation of the Kids Cafe program showed the following results:

  • 91 percent of children said they know more about healthy foods.
  • 93 percent of parents witnessed behavioral improvements in their children.
  • 80 percent of parents said their children's grades improved.
  • 98 percent said they had met adults or older kids whom they respected through the program.

Please donate now to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

For more information please contact Devin Schroeder at dschroeder@regionalfoodbank.org or 405-604-7102.

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