Remembering Katrina, Part 2

It has been almost five years and rereading these blogs during my time helping after Katrina caused some deep seated emotions to surface that had been lying dormant.  We had a staff luncheon Friday and one of the things I said was: “Do not take your family members, friends and others you care about for granted because it could all be gone in a minute.”

Thousands of our Louisiana neighbors lost their homes, many lost their lives and most were displaced throughout the country where they were strangers.  Most separated from family and their neighborhoods, they survived and endured the painful ordeal they faced day to day – the struggle to find something to hold on to or that was familiar.

The other side of Katrina displayed the spirit and desire to survive under almost impossible odds and it was transfixed on television sets across the world.  Katrina produced some of the worst human conditions possible and raw emotions while demonstrating the resilience and character that keeps the belief that the American dream is alive.

It was indeed an honor to play a small part in the enormous relief effort in providing such basic needs – water and food.   To all the volunteers that helped, all the food companies that donated so much and to everyone that contributed their funds – thank you for caring and thank you for sharing.

Rodney Bivens

Rodney Bivens

Rodney Bivens is the Executive Director of the Regional Food Bank. He founded the organization in 1980.
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