The Pound for Pound Challenge has officially ended for the year. Many of us at the Regional Food Bank said goodbye to unwanted and unhealthy weight. As a group, we lost a total of 153 pounds. Everyone who participated is below their start weight – yes! As a group, we lost 6 percent of our total body weight, with one individual losing 12% of their body weight and another losing 11 percent of their body weight.

In addition to our employee weight loss, many Oklahomans pledged to change their lifestyles and lose weight, too. This year, individuals across the nation pledged to lose a total of 6.2 million pounds. Folks in our service area (1,616 individuals) pledged to lose 51,189 pounds! With generous donation of $.14 per pound pledged from the Pound For Pound Challenge, the Food Bank will receive a gift in the amount of $7,166. This gift will allow us to provide more than 50,000 meals those struggling from hunger!

Great job everyone!

Melanie Anthony

Melanie Anthony

Melanie Anthony is a Development Manager at the Regional Food Bank. She is an Oklahoma State University graduate and mother of two.
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