Making a Difference

Making a difference in my community has been something I strive to accomplish every day.  Random acts of kindnesscreate a positive flow of energy to the people around me.  A quote that has helped inspire me throughout my ongoing journey says, “You must BE the change you wish to see in the world”  – Ghandi.  I believe that realizing there is a need is the first step in addressing a  problem.  I try to become the light of positivity, providing others with the encouragement that they might need.  One person can make a huge difference in the lives of others by doing some of the simplest things.

What about ways you can touch the lives of others during your daily routines? I have provided a small list of things that we all can start with today!

  1. Smile.  It will astound you in the amount of those who will smile back.
  2. Let someone ahead of you in the checkout line, even if they have more than 10 items.
  3. Compliment a stranger.
  4. Look at the person speaking to you instead of the cell phone.  The text will wait, but that connection of one-to-one could be missed.
  5. Open the door for someone

I have enjoyed sharing a few thoughts with you today.  Ideas we all know, but due to the hectic lives we live, sometimes forget.  Remember, it all starts with a smile! 


Kaydee Gladden

Kaydee Gladden

Kaydee Gladden is a Marketing Intern at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.
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