Johnathan Kayne’s Fashion for Food Fashion Show

“Lighten up, it’s just fashion,” is probably the view most people have towards the fashion world.  They’re proponents of the belief that clothing serves a purely functional purpose and nothing else.  Those individuals who find the sublime in every stitch of a cashmere knit sweater or become enraptured at the sight of silk chiffon are considered alien to most people who just see a mass of fabric.  Clothing is meant to cover not to be coveted.   So, for the fashionably indifferent you should probably stop reading at this point.

The Food Bank will hold its first ever fashion event on Saturday, September 25th, hosted by Johnathan Kayne of Project Runway fame.  Last year the event took place at his home and was featured on TLC’s Gown Crazy (Google it and watch the show, then send me a link because I can’t seem to find it).  So why should you be excited? Because Kayne is creating custom-made designs and featuring them in a runway show to help raise money for the Food Bank’s Food for Kids backpack program.  There will be music, hors d’oeuvres, silent auction items and you’ll even have a chance to bid on several one-of-a-kind custom-designed dresses!  For fashion freaks, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Although the Food Bank does so much to raise awareness of the issues hungry Oklahomans face, there are still many who don’t fully comprehend the magnitude of the obstacles the state must overcome in eliminating food insecurity.  That’s why I hope the people who attend this event will come away with an eagerness for the fashion and the spectacle but also walk away with an understanding of what the Food Bank does.  It’s thrilling to watch the Food Bank develop innovative ways of educating the public on what we do. Not everyone has the chance to work at an organization that willingly embraces the challenge to be inventive.

Not only am I excited for this event because I know we will accomplish what we set out to do, but because it will fulfill another dream of mine, one that I’ve had since I was a child.  My passion for fashion started with my first glimpse of a runway show on TV early on Saturday mornings.  I learned to wear heels before I learned to ride a bike, which actually remains true to this day since I still haven’t learned to ride a bike. And while I can’t claim to have been a style icon from the beginning, since I did spend a large part of my teenage years resembling a Persian rug due to my fondness for paisley, I did realize one of my passions in life. Now that I’m older and I’ve spent some time working for the Food Bank I’ve realized another passion in my life. And I hope that come September 25th you will do the same.

If you’re interested in attending the fashion show you can still buy tickets!

Connie Lam

Connie Lam

Connie Lam is the Marketing Intern at the Regional Food Bank. She recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Advertising.
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