Emergency Food Box Program Helps the Food Gap

We are used to immediacy in our culture today. For example, when is the last time your blood pressure went up while waiting in the drive thru for “fast” food? How soon after the light turns green do you honk your horn at the oblivious driver in front of you? How many commercials do you fast forward through to get back to your show that’s sitting on your DVR? We are not used to waiting for anything.

Now imagine that you’re a family in need in Oklahoma. You go to your local DHS office to apply for assistance hoping to gain access to food that day, only to discover that your benefits won’t start until Monday or later. Your cupboard is bare. Your pockets are empty. Every food pantry in the city is closed for the weekend. Would you want to wait 2 days to eat? Me neither.

That’s why the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma has partnered with OKDHS to provide an emergency food box program in 61 different offices in Oklahoma. When a client can’t get assistance that day, the pantry provides a 25 pound box of food to get a client through the “food gap” until benefits take effect.

So, the next time you have to wait an extra 60 seconds in the Sonic Drive Thru, keep your blood pressure down by thinking about that family who would not eat without a box of food provided by the Food Bank and OKDHS. Just another way we are fighting hunger in Oklahoma.

Ryan Abernathy

Ryan Abernathy

Ryan Abernathy is the Program Coordinator for Senior Feeding, DHS Pantry Box, CSFP, and Care & Share for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Southwestern Theological Seminary. Ryan is married and has three beautiful daughters.
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