Please indulge us while we take a break from our regular flow of restaurant reviews to share some exciting news about what’s happening at EatAroundOKC. We’re very pleased to announce that we’re beginning what we hope will be a long-term partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. This outstanding organization battles on the front lines of the fight against hunger in our state and by supporting their efforts, we hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

For full details about the commitments we’ve made to Regional Food Bank, you can check out the Our Cause page here on our website.

$1 Donated for Every Voucher Sold

The most tangible aspect of our partnership is that, beginning with this week’s deal, we’ll be donating $1 for every voucher sold through the EatAroundOKC Deals program to the Regional Food Bank.

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Regional Food Bank operates so efficiently and with such buying power that they are able to make seven meals out of every dollar donated. So, when you buy a voucher through EatAroundOKC Deals from this point forward, you’re not only getting a great meal for yourself at a great discount, you’re also supplying seven meals to those in need.

Sharing Through Our Communications Channels

We also plan to support the Food Bank by utilizing our communications channels, as appropriate, to spread the word about their activities and ways in which we all can support their efforts. As you read updates from the Regional Food Bank in our Twitter feed or on our Facebook page, we hope you’ll stay open to their message and consider lending your support as well.

Why Regional Food Bank?

Naturally, we spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about food. As with anything in life, without balance, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own world where dining options are limitless and where it’s easy to forget that for many people, food is purely a means of survival. We hope that by channeling some of our efforts towards the cause of fighting hunger in our state, we can provide that balance and can be a part of the solution in our own small way.

Thanks for Your Support!

We are grateful for your support of EatAroundOKC and we hope you’ll also consider supporting the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with your time and your donations. Thank you for being a part of the discussion and a part of the solution.

Tim Wall

EatAroundOKC Founder and Editor

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