On June 29, Chesapeake Energy employees gathered to celebrate the dedication of the Chesapeake Employee Garden. In addition to a special presentation from CEO Aubrey McClendon and a Native American blessing by Chief Gordon Yellowman, employees sipped on organic micro-brew and listened to the bluegrass melodies of Buffalo Fitz.

From pepper plants to marigolds, the garden offers a multitude of vegetation while providing the opportunity to be more personally sustainable in a fun, collaborative space, as well as showing employees and their families and friends how to grow a successful garden and prepare meals with the produce.

All gardening levels are welcome – from beginners to avid gardeners. Participants make up what is referred to as the Green Thumb Club and employees and their family members can hone their gardening techniques in a community setting. Through the process, garden participants are with provided educational classes, resources and professional guidance.

Gardening doesn’t serve just as an alternate way to fill one’s refrigerator. Gardening stimulates social interaction, reduces food costs, conserves resources, encourages self-reliance, and creates opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education – conveniently located near Chesapeake’s main campus.

The Chesapeake Employee Garden is located between Shartel and Lee avenues and NW 62nd and 61st streets and is comprised of raised bed plots reserved for planting and harvesting a wide range of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Two garden quadrants share a central common area including a rinsing and cleaning area and an outdoor table and seating area for gardeners to socialize, share tips and take a break from the summer heat.

Any excess produce will be donated to Food Bank and partner agencies like BritVil Community Food Pantry.

For more information, e-mail employeegarden@chk.com. See more photos of the garden on Flickr!

Natalie Wright

Natalie Wright

Natalie Wright is the Marketing Coordinator at the Regional Food Bank. Natalie manages social media for the organization. Connect with her on Twitter (@rfbo) and Facebook!
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