$100,000 Walmart Grant Opportunity

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is one of only five local nonprofit organizations that have been selected by Walmart to be a part of their Associates Choice Program in Oklahoma! With enough votes from our wonderful Walmart and Sam’s Club Associates, the Regional Food Bank could receive a generous $100,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation!

Associates at Walmart and Sam’s Club in Oklahoma will determine which organization receives the grant based upon their votes between July 9th and August 13th.  If you’re a Walmart or Sam’s Club employee, please check with your store manager on the voting process or simply go to http://mywalmart.com to vote!

And Food Bank supporters, if you know Walmart and Sam’s Club Associates, please let them know about the work we’re doing in the community to fight hunger and encourage them to vote!

No matter which nonprofit organization you vote for, it will help someone in our local community – so please be sure to vote!

An additional $100,000 for the Regional Food Bank would make a significant impact on the lives of Oklahomans who are struggling to put food on their table.  In fact, $100,000 will provide 700,000 meals to the community.  That’s enough for three meals a day for nearly 2,000 families of four for an entire month!

Jennifer Arlan

Jennifer Arlan

Jennifer Arlan is the Development Manager at the Regional Food Bank. To book a tour of the Food Bank, contact Jennifer at 405-600-3155 or jarlan@regionalfoodbank.org.
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