Senior Mobile Pantry Brings Smiles

Ever wonder what a Senior Mobile Pantry looks like? Here are some pictures from a recent pantry to give you an idea:

Setting up tables starts the process.

Then volunteers prepare the food for distribution. Here we are sacking meat and produce for today’s pantry.

Check out the selections for today. Thanks to many generous donors, each resident will receive meat, produce, bread and a sack of non-perishables. All will be well received and much needed!

Residents start lining up before we even get to the site. These pantries help to close the food gap for many seniors who are food insecure. Many can’t afford to pay for prescription medications and food all in the same month, so they try to get by without much food. That’s where the Senior Mobile Pantry really helps.

Residents get to select their own produce and bread items after they receive their sacks of meat and non-perishables. Giving them the choice provides them with more of a “shopping” experience, which they truly appreciate.

Smiles are typically the end result at a Senior Mobile Pantry – both for volunteers and for residents. For many of our seniors, the mobile pantry gives them an opportunity to get out and socialize with other residents, which is an added benefit to the program.

Want to add your smile to the mix? Contact me at 405-600-3151 or at rabernathy@regionalfoodbank.org to volunteer at a Senior Mobile Pantry.

Ryan Abernathy

Ryan Abernathy

Ryan Abernathy is the Program Coordinator for Senior Feeding, DHS Pantry Box, CSFP, and Care & Share for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Southwestern Theological Seminary. Ryan is married and has three beautiful daughters.
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