Calling all “Foodies” to Chefs’ Feast

Somehow, I’m slowly turning into a foodie. I blame my friends Tracy and Rob for this because they always know where to go and what to order.  They introduced me to so many great places, like Trattoria il Centro (try the Quattro Stagioni Pizza), Pachinko Parlor (I love the Crab Rangoon roll – and all rolls are half price M-F from 4-6 p.m.), Red Prime Steak (they have great $3 appetizers during happy hour) and Big Truck Tacos (I’m addicted to the Thunder Burrito with mango-chutney sauce).

I’m happy to say that I’m able to return the favor to my two friends by getting them tickets to Chefs’ Feast. This food and wine tasting event features more than 30 restaurants, including the four I mentioned above, and features a ton of culinary creations that will satisfy any foodie’s pallet.

The great thing about this event, in addition to the complimentary wine tasting, is that each restaurant provides three different and tasty items for patrons try. Last year, some of my favorite dishes at the Cowboy-themed event included:

  • Chocolate Tortelloni with White Chocolate Zuppa
  • Sagebread Cornbread with Gruyere Cheese and Green Chili
  • Applewood Smoked Quail with Cream Cheese Grits
  • Smoked Duck Confit Spring Roll with Spicy Mango Chili Sauce

I can’t wait to see what the chefs create for the tropical-themed event this year! March 31st can’t get here soon enough. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, buy them now before they run out at www.regionalfoodbank.org. It’s going to be an event you don’t want to miss, and all proceeds are going to help the Regional Food Bank’s Food for Kids backpack program.

Angie Gaines

Angie Gaines

Angie Gaines is the Marketing Manager at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. In 2005, she graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Relations.
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Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to spending time with your special someone.  Some people go overboard with roses, candy, telegrams, fancy dinners, new clothes for the night and even stuffed animals.  All of these things are very thoughtful and appreciated but flowers die in about a week.  The candy will turn into calorie intake regret.  Telegrams will be embarrassing in front of co-workers.   The fancy dinner will make her feel special for the night but so would a planned thought out night.  The new clothes will give an extra boost of confidence, but then you’re over budget for the month.  All in all, will this lead to a night to remember?

In the past six months, the most memorable date night I’ve been on was volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.  We went to Thursday night’s Rock ‘n Box.  We arrived at the Volunteer Center at 6 p.m. and packed boxes until 9 p.m.  We talked, laughed and worked together to help feed Oklahoma’s hungry.  Even though it was karaoke night, neither of us sang.  We kept making jokes about songs that we would sing though.

At the end of the night, we found out how many meals we helped prepare.  That is such a good feeling knowing your time really did make a difference.  Leaving the Food Bank, we talked more about the night and how we are going to come back together to continue to help hungry Oklahomans.  We both had a great time, and it was unlike any date night we’ve ever had.

So for your next date night, think about doing something different, something to help others and volunteer together at the Regional Food Bank to help feed hungry Oklahomans.  It’ll definitely be a night you’ll always remember.

Volunteer Center Hours

Monday – Saturday:  9 a.m. – noon & 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Thursday:  6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

For groups larger than five people, please make an appointment with Jamie Treadaway at jtreadaway@regionalfoodbank.org or 405-600-3154.

Jill Smith

Jill Smith

Jill Smith is the Manager of Interactive Media at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. In 2008, she graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising.
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Get Fit and Help Feed the Hungry

I truly feel honored to be a part of the Regional Food Bank’s Celebrity Council.  Oklahoma is ranked 5th in the nation for citizens that are going hungry or having issues with providing enough food for their families.  This is a heartbreaking statistic to discover in my own state! Many Oklahomans are dedicated to losing weight this year so why not make a pledge to yourself and to the people of Oklahoma to not only lose the pounds for your own health and well-being but also for the health and well-being of hungry Oklahomans?

Through the Pound for Pound Challenge, each pound you pledge to lose through May 31, 2011, the Pound for Pound Challenge will donate 11 cents (enough for one pound of food) to Feeding America.  Feeding America will then distribute the money according to your zip code.  So every pound you pledge is a pound of food to help the Regional Food Bank feed more hungry Oklahomans!  What an amazing motivation that will be to help you stay on track!

Part of my journey and my new life’s passion has been the idea of helping others beat obesity.  One way that I am doing this is through supporting people on my website (www.lisalostit.com), Facebook pages (Lisa Mosley and Lisa Mosley Biggest Loser 10) and boot camps (theranchcamp.com).  I offer tips, honest blogs about my own daily struggles and a great workout at the boot camps.  I offer support and encouraging words in a friendly environment while still giving a wonderful workout!  I hope you can start your own life changing journey today and make positive changes all over Oklahoma!  Join me and other “RFBO Champions” at www.pfpchallenge.com, pledge the amount of weight you want to lose and become part of the “RFBO Champion” team.

Lisa Mosley



got milk?

Whether on television, in a magazine or on a billboard everyone has seen a “got milk?” ad.  They always have the latest celebrity with a milk mustache.  Even our Celebrity Council Member, Danny Cahill has his own set of “got milk?” ads.  They’re catchy, cute and well remembered.  But, did you know that the “got milk?” campaign is not only working hard to make sure Americans get all the nutrients we need but also working hard to fight hunger?

In Oklahoma, one in seven people go hungry every day making Oklahoma the fifth hungriest state in the nation.  This statistic breaks my heart.  More than 500,000 people in Oklahoma struggle with hunger.  The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is fighting hunger and these statistics by helping to feed families, seniors and children in 53 counties in central and western Oklahoma.

In 2011, “got milk?” is executing its second year of partnership with Feeding America (a network of more than 200 food banks across the country, including the Regional Food Bank) through the Pour One More Campaign.  From now until April 11, 2011, “got milk?” will donate $1 to Feeding America for every virtual glass of milk passed on Facebook to your friends, up to $150,000.  So make sure you share a glass of milk with all your friends and help feed the hungry!

Pass A Glass

Jill Smith

Jill Smith

Jill Smith is the Manager of Interactive Media at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. In 2008, she graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising.
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