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Aimee Robinson

Donor Operations Manager

Email: arobinson@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 600-3131

Angie Gaines

Director of Communications and Marketing
Public Relations, Marketing, Special Events, Cause Marketing

Email: againes@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7109
Mobile: 619-347-4057

Bill Hendrix

Resource Development
Food Procurement, food donations

Email: bhendrix@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7106

Bill McKnight

Operations Director

Email: bmcknight@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3126

Brad Frensley

Data Systems Support Specialist

Email: bfrensley@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3157

Cari Ogden

V.P of Community Initiatives
Community Initiatives

Email: cogden@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3149

Dan Hoganson

Programs Monitoring and Data Collection
Community Initiatives

Email: dhoganson@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405.600.3159

David Tester

Video Storyteller

Email: dtester@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3154

Dawn Burroughs

V.P. of Marketing
Marketing, Public Relations

Email: dburroughs@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7115
Mobile: 405-823-9021

Deborah Bunting

V.P. of Finance

Email: dbunting@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3139

Denice Hurlbut

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Email: dhurlbut@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3160

Denise Stubbs

Shipping/Receiving Specialist
Shipping, receiving

Email: dstubbs@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3135

Dennis Hollenback

Volunteer Operations Manager
Volunteer Center

Email: dhollenback@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3153

Devin Dzialo Schroeder

Kids Cafe Coordinator
Community Initiatives

Email: dschroeder@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7102

Doug Eckert

Program Manager, Food for Kids Backpack Program

Email: deckert@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7103

Gina Ward

Technical Training Manager

Email: gward@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7162

Heather Bailey

Marketing Assistant

Email: hbailey@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3132

Jack Miller

Resource Development
Food Procurement, food donations

Email: jmiller@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3156

Jackie Martin

Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Center

Email: jmartin@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3133

Jaclyn Holland

Agency Relations Coordinator
Community Initiatives

Email: jfedors@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3150

Jeremiah Livingston

Logistics Support Manager

Email: jlivingston@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7120

Joe Hudson

Urban Harvest Community Engagement Coordinator
Community Initiatives

Email: jhudson@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7108

Joe Wood

Assistant Director of Operations
Volunteer Center, Warehouse, Transportation & Logistics

Email: jwood@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3123

John Bobb-Semple

Project Manager
Community Initiatives

Email: Jbobb-semple@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 600-3167

Karen Paul

Manager of Foundations & Grants

Email: kpaul@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3146

Kathy Phelps

Accounting Clerk

Email: kphelps@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7116

Katie Honea

Childhood Hunger Programs Coordinator
Community Initiatives

Email: ewindahl@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3141

Laura Lang

V.P. of Development

Email: llang@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405.600.3155

Laura Patterson

Human Resources Director

Email: lpatterson@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3147

Linda Crawley

Agency Relations Monitor

Email: lcrawley@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3152

Lisa Perry

Manager of Regional Giving
Marketing & Development
Development, Fundraising, Food for Kids

Email: lperry@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7107

Liz Brandon

Inventory Control Supervisor

Email: lbrandon@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3137

Maria Sanchez


Email: msanchez@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-972-1111

Mason Weaver

Urban Harvest Director
Community Initiatives

Email: mweaver@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3142

Megan Bealmer

Urban Harvest Program Coordinator
Community Initiatives

Email: mbealmer@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3142

Melanie Anthony

Manager of Corporate Engagement
Marketing & Development

Email: manthony@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7114

Pat Cook

Agency Relations Manager
Community Initiatives
Agency Relations

Email: pcook@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7105

Patrick Evans

Manager of Major Gifts

Email: pevans@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3171

Reba Gillespie

Direct Line: 405-600-3166

Rhea Woodcock

Administrative Coordinator
Community Initiatives

Email: rwoodcock@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3148

Rodney W. Bivens

Executive Director
Executive Director/Founder

Email: rbivens@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7117

Ryan Abernathy

Community Initiatives Director
Community Initiatives

Email: rabernathy@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3151

Shae Kennedy

eCommunications Manager
Graphic Design, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Website

Email: skennedy@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7113

Steve Kidwell

Urban Harvest Assistant
Community Initiatives
Urban Harvest

Email: skidwell@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3212

Steve Musch

Facility Manager

Email: smusch@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3158

Steve Pezalski

Inventory Control Manager

Email: spezalski@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3122

Steven Moran

Vice President of Operations
Gap Analysis, Resource Management, Inventory Control, Programs, Operations

Email: smoran@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7112

Tena Hatton

Transportation Manager
Warehouse, delivery

Email: thatton@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3138

Terri Scott

Administrative Director

Email: tscott@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-604-7119

Torri Christian

State Advocacy and Public Policy Manager
Community Initiatives

Email: tchristian@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3129

Traci Simmons

Program Coordinator " School Pantry
Community Initiatives

Email: tsimmons@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: 405-600-3130

Vinita Musapeta

Development Associate

Email: Vmusapeta@regionalfoodbank.org
Direct Line: (405) 600-3157

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